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How serious am I? I have to ask myself this question often. I got back on the scale today to discover I’ve only lost 2 more pounds since I last weighed myself, which was maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago. This will not be an easy battle to win, but I am focused on the prize ahead! Not only a physical prize, but a spiritual prize as well!

My hubby has joined me in my fitness efforts (pretty sure I mentioned that before, but throwing it in again), which is a great bonus and encouragement. I’ve noticed more changes in him than I have in me, and it’s a great thing, actually. My husband has Type 2 Diabetes, exercise is a huge benefit for him as it helps regulate his blood sugar. We strive to work out every day, but we don’t always make it. We missed yesterday, but that was the first missed day since last Friday. I’d say we’re doing very well! We’ve been doing a 2 mile brisk walk every other day and abs/stretching on the others.

This morning was a victory for me! It was the first time through the 2 mile walk in which I did not have constant and tear-causing pain. Hooray! I guess sticking your butt out while walking is the correct way to walk! I have noticed a difference in how my back and hips feel. Since I threw out my sacroiliac joint in June, I’ve been more aware of my posture and how certain activities make me feel.

Back to my 2 pounds…now is the time for me to dig in. I have successfully formed a habit out of my fitness routine, even though it gets difficult to keep up sometimes. Now it’s time to make a habit to eat healthier. I downloaded a bunch of free cookbooks for my Kindle yesterday, and am looking forward to cooking up some healthy and delicious meals. They absolutely have to be delicious, or I won’t eat them! I am also looking around for Biblical Jewish cookbooks. I think it would be great to eat a more natural diet rather than grabbing for the quick and less expensive processed foods. I’m convinced, now, that a cake or a cookie from a box or package do more harm to a body than those made from scratch.

Enjoy your day! Don’t be afraid to share any recipes or tips to encourage me or others on our journey to health!

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  1. I’m glad you’re still going strong and look forward to sharing recipes with you!! 😉

  2. Amy M Cleveland

    Me too..and you’re so right about processed foods…how about Kefir? Are you still doing that?


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